"The one thing that ensures success in the music business is passion. And it's such a pleasure to see an organisation like ShowCase Events, led by Nanni Singh, which is full of people so driven in the pursuit of excellence. The attention to detail in every aspect, is amazing. So it was no surprise that Sound From The Desert was a remarkable, near flawless show. That's the feedback I got from the audience, which is really what counts."
Atul Churamani
Managing Director
Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt. Ltd
Sounds From The Desert is an incredible experience. Kutle Khan is absolutely brilliant but what makes this show even better than a normal Kutle Khan performance is the incredible production brought about by Showcase Events. I have hosted many events and concerts but hosting this one at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai was truly special for me. Looking forward to travelling with this show all across the country and hopefully the world. This really takes the music of Rajasthan to the next level !
Mihir Joshi
MC & Host
It was one exhilarating experience. Different musical instruments, the singing - all was magical. One of the finest folk performances that have ever happened at Royal Opera House,Mumbai
Ashish Doshi
Royal Opera House, Mumbai
“Sounds From The Desert” took me by storm...That calm feeling before the storm when the audience just started trickling in with that eerie feeling of what’s going to happen on stage to the actual storm where Kutle Khan and his band gave the audience something to talk about. As a person handling technical production over the last 20 years I must say that this show was one of a kind. My Team and me were flabbergasted with each and every part of the performance; whether it was a jugalbandi between the Khartaals or the Ghoomar dance by the mother daughter duo or by Kutle Khan himself and not forgetting his brother Gafur Khan’s vibrant and spontaneous moves...it gave my team and me the momentum to work with 100% excitement & satisfaction and belt out the best Audio Mix, Light designs & Graphic projections. Thus, based on this experience, my team and I would love to do this concert of the “Sounds From The Desert” over & over again and work on all the projects with ShowCase Events. Showcase events thank you for allowing us to be a part of this event.
Carl Alfonso
Head-of Technicals and Production